‚ÄčOur mission is to bring awareness of domestic violence, raise funds to provide education, and to promote healthy and happy relationships.

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"Thank you, Carol, for being an amazing sister. The pride, love and guidance she gave me are unforgettable, and so is she. Please mark your calendars and join us in our quest to empower women and make relationships healthier and happier. "
Love, Sheila 

Carol Diane Rivest was a very funny and charming mother, daughter, sister and friend. Carol had a big bright smile with dimples that would light up a room. She was a young devoted mother that took such pride in watching her son's growth. She was a very caring daughter and sister eager to help her family at any time.

Carol had many friends who loved her zest for life and adventurous personality. Carol loved horses dogs and all animals.  At the young age of 22, before Carol was able to return to school to further her education, she was shot and killed by her estranged boyfriend and father of her young son. May 11, 1982 was a shocking and tragic day for the Rivest family and their close friends.

Though this devastating incident was decades ago, the family is still affected by Carol's loss and they continue to heal to this day. Domestic violence has become more prevalent over the years and continues to be a serious issue raising concern in society. Many women are abused and many lives are taken too soon.